Civil Engineering

The design and construction of public works, such as dams, bridges and other major infrastructure projects, is a civil engineering activity. It is one of the oldest engineering branches, and it goes back to the day when people first lived in permanent settlements to suit their needs.

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Construction Abbreviations List

Here in TotalEngineering, you will find a construction abbreviations list that we use in Civil Engineering. Due to limited space,… Read More

2 months ago

Types of Concrete

Just looking around us, we will find several buildings that used different types of concrete. In this post, I would… Read More

2 months ago

Difference between Rendering and Plastering

Although Plastering and Rendering are processes of wall cladding, there are some differences between them. The basic difference between the… Read More

3 months ago


Plaster can be described as Lean Mortar primarily used to cover the surface of masonry. They are lean combinations of… Read More

3 months ago

Anti-Skid Surfacing

In this post, we will take an in-depth look at how useful Anti-Skid Surfacing can be for road users. There… Read More

3 months ago

Unit Conversion Chart

This basic Unit Conversion Table will help you to be able to work with different types of measurement units in… Read More

5 months ago

Marshall Stability Test

What is the Marshall Stability Test? Marshall Stability Test - Flow Test is the resistence to plastic deformation of cylindrical… Read More

3 months ago

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